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Proper lighting is vital to your working comfort.  Computer monitors are best viewed with lower ambient light levels to prevent glare.  But higher light levels are best for reading documents.  The ergonomic solution is to lower the overhead lights for the monitor and use a Task Light.  WorksInComfort only sells commercial-grade LED Task Lights.  LEDs have numerous advantages over both incandescent and fluorescent lights including energy efficiency, longer lifetime, more easily dimmable, and directionality.

WorksInComfort specializes in ergonomic office solutions.  Rather than offer a bewildering array of choices, we only carry best-in-class products.  We want to earn your business.  For expert advice, please call 563-299-6939 or email help@worksincomfort.com

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WorksInComfort offers four Task Lights.  We want to help you choose the one that is right for you.  Here is a simple summary of the differences:

  • ESI's Lustre is our premium task light.  It won numerous design awards in 2014.  Lustre has an innovative telescoping arm and head.  It also features an occupancy sensor and a USB charger in the base.
  • ESI's Vivid, is an excellent light which comes with either one or two arms.  Two arms provide more position flexibility.
  • ESI's Pixie is a smaller light for users with limited work space.  Note that Pixie's light is redder and not as bright as the other task lights we offer.
  • ESI's task lights are manufactured outside the USA.  They feature a 10 year limited warranty.

The table below compares the Task Lights we offer.  Blank entries indicate that the information was not provided by the manufacturer.

  Pixie Vivid Vivid LE Lustre
MSRP $165 $371 $386 $571
Your Price $105 $225 $235 $343
Price too low to Advertise!       Reveal Price
Number of Arms 1 1 2 2
Reach 11.8" 21" 36" > 19"
Base Rotation   360° 360° 360°
Lamp Head Rotation   180° 180° 180°
Illuminance at 18" 500 lux 1100 lux 1100 lux  
Color Rendering Index 80 85 85 83
Power Consumption 3 W 6 W 6 W 6 W
Dimming none Yes Yes 4 steps
Auto Shut Off none 8 hour 8 hour Occupancy Sensor
Manufacturer ESI ESI ESI ESI
click to open product sheet in new browser tab Pixie Vivid Vivid LE Lustre

The following features are shared by all of our Task Lights except where noted.

  • Color Temperature of 3500K, except Pixie has 3000K (= redder light).
  • Lamp Life of 50,000 hours except Lustre has > 50,000 and Lucio has 40,000 hours.  The Pixie product sheet does not state its Lamp Life.  Note that 50,000 hours is the equivalent of using the light for 8 hours every day for over 17 years.

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