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Keyboard Tray Benefits

Between work and play, we use our computers for many hours each day.   Your hands must be in a comfortable position to prevent health problems.  Your hand position depends on the proper placement of your keyboard and mouse.  Keyboard Trays give you the adjustability you need to work in comfort.

A good Keyboard Tray is sturdy and permits adjustment of the height, angle, and depth of the keyboard.  Your keyboard should be directly in front of you.  Your elbows should be at 90⁰ and close to your body.  Your shoulders should be relaxed.  Your wrists should be straight and in line with your forearms.  If your wrists are tilted up for prolonged periods, you may be at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome.   

The mouse should be close to the keyboard to eliminate stretching.   Simpler Keyboard Trays are wide enough to place the mouse next to the keyboard.  More sophisticated Keyboard Trays have a separate mouse platform.   The best mouse platforms allow great flexibility in mouse placement and include tilt adjustment.  Some considerations for mouse placement:

  • Where do you prefer the mouse?  It can be adjacent to the keyboard, forward (closer to your body), or over part of the keyboard.
  • Do you need to accommodate both right-handed and left-handed users?

Mounting the Keyboard Tray below the work surface frees up this premium area.   When not in use, the tray slides back below the work surface.   If you use a Sit Stand Desk, you may want lift and lock capability for more frequent adjustment.

Even if you work with a laptop, WorksInComfort believes you should seriously consider a Keyboard Tray.  You can connect a keyboard and mouse to the laptop and gain all of the benefits of using a Keyboard Tray.

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