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Keyboard Trays

Between work and play, we use our computers for many hours each day.  Your hands must be in a comfortable position to prevent health problems.  Your hand position depends on the proper placement of your keyboard and mouse.  Keyboard Trays give you the adjustability you need to work in comfort.

WorksInComfort specializes in ergonomic office solutions.  Rather than offer a bewildering array of choices, we only carry best-in-class products.  We want to earn your business.  For expert advice, please call 563-299-6939 or email help@worksincomfort.com

Learn more about the Benefits of Keyboard Trays

WorksInComfort offers four Keyboard Trays.  We want to help you choose the one that is right for you.  Here is a simple summary of the differences:

  • Only 1CC will work with 24" deep work surfaces.  All of our other Keyboard Trays require at least 30" deep work surfaces.
  • Ultra features a separate Mouse Platform with multiple positioning options.
  • Sit Stand Desks benefit from extra Keyboard Tray height adjustability. Solution 4 has the greatest height range at 8" above and below the work surface.  Sit Stand Desks also require more frequent adjustments, so you may want lift and lock capability.  All of our Keyboard Trays except 1CC operate by lift and lock.
  • All of our Keyboard Trays accommodate both right-handed and left-handed users.  But only 1CC and 2CC allow quick switching of the mouse position between left and right.

Read a more detailed Comparison of our Keyboard Trays

For optimal ergonomics, keyboard trays should be used with Sit Stand Desks, Monitor Mounts, and CPU Holders.

ESI 1CC $185
ESI 1CC Keyboard Tray
MSRP: $305. You save $120.

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ESI 2CC $236
ESI 2CC Keyboard Tray
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ESI Ultra $267
ESI Ultra Keyboard Tray
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ESI Solution 4 $294
ESI Solution 4 Keyboard Tray
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