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Monitor Mount Benefits

Screen placement is critical to your working comfort. You want to adjust the screen to your body posture. Not vice versa. Proper screen position encourages proper posture and avoids leaning in, leaning out, stretching, or slouching. Improper placement can contribute to head aches, stiff necks, and shoulder pain.

Work surfaces are shrinking and space is at a premium. In addition to working comfort, monitor arms can help free up valuable work space.

There are three broad categories of monitor holders, which vary by adjustability. They are listed here in order of increasing sophistication.

  1. Monitor Stands - A simple monitor stand was probably included when you purchased your monitor. They typically provide minimal adjustability of height, tilt, and rotation. To adjust the depth, the user simply picks up the stand and moves it. WorksInComfort does not offer this type of solution.
  2. Fixed Monitor Mounts - Mounts attach securely to your work surface. Some arms clamp directly to the work surface and others have a pole which holds the arm. Some models include adapters for attaching to walls or office panels. Mounts typically provide easy adjustability for depth, rotation, and tilt. The term “Fixed” refers to the height which requires a bit more work to adjust. So the height is frequently considered to be “set it and leave it”. Fixed Monitor Mounts are appropriate for users who do not require frequent height adjustments. WorksInComfort offers ESI's Evolve Pole Mount Monitor Arm System.
  3. Articulating Monitor Mounts - These offer the greatest flexibility. Users have finger-tip adjustability for height, tilt, rotation, orientation, and depth. Some solutions provide independent adjustability for multiple screens. These solutions are excellent when multiple people use the same work space, e.g. co-workers or parents and children. For maximum working comfort, we always suggest a height adjustable work surface. The frequent changes from sitting to standing often require an articulating monitor arm for proper screen adjustment. WorksInComfort offers ESI's Edge series of Articulating Monitor Mounts.

The key considerations when shopping for a monitor arm are:

  • Height adjustment - Will a fixed screen height work for you?
    • Height adjustable work surfaces require easy screen height adjustability for optimum benefit.
    • Number of users - Your co-workers or children will typically require a different screen height than you. Multiple users require easy height adjustment. 
  • Number of screens - Even if you only use one screen now, do you want the option to add a second screen later?
  • Screen weight - Always check that the Monitor Arm is properly calibrated to your screen(s) weight. A screen that is too heavy will tend to pull the arm down to the desk surface over time. One that is too light will tend to continually rise.
  • Depth adjustment allows you to position the monitor at a comfortable reading distance.  When not in use, you can push the monitor out of the way.
  • Tilt adjustment allows you to reduce glare.
  • Rotation lets you share your screen when collaborating.
  • Screen orientation lets you move between landscape and portrait view.

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