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Sit Stand Desk Benefits

Sit Stand Desks are the cornerstone of an ergonomic work space.  Working in comfort requires frequent movement.  It is often said that the best working position is your next position.  Sit Stand Desks allow you to alternate between sitting and standing, which is the ideal ergonomic solution.

Sit Stand Desks obviously cost more than fixed height desks.  Please read our explanations below.  Then weigh the benefits of a Sit Stand Desk against the modest extra cost per work hour.  We believe you will agree that you and your employees are worth it.

Health Benefits

Most of us lead sedentary lives.  We know we would be healthier if we got more exercise.  Numerous studies have documented the ill effects of prolonged sitting.  Our blog post Sitting is the new smoking has links to some of these references.

These studies show that sitting for long periods may contribute to high cholesterol, heart disease, and slower metabolism leading to weight gain and obesity.  A Sit Stand Desk can help prevent these problems.  In a few seconds, you can switch between sitting and standing.  Standing burns 60 more calories per hour than sitting.  Standing all day is not ideal either.  The key is changing your position frequently.

Some studies measured clear benefits for workers who alternate sitting and standing compared to those who sit all day.  These benefits include increases in productivity and less absenteeism.


Proper ergonomics requires your elbows at 90⁰ with your feet flat on the floor or foot rest.  This is true whether you are sitting or standing.  The height of the work surface is critical for correct posture and ergonomic positioning of your arms and legs.  The work station should accommodate the user, not vice versa.

In many modern offices, work stations have multiple users.  We are not all the same size or shape, so these work stations require height adjustability for proper ergonomics.  In 2013, the Business & Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) changed recommendations for height adjustability to range from 22” to 48”.  This accommodates a wide range of heights from the 95th percentile standing male to the 5th percentile seated female.

The typical home office also has multiple users.  You might use the station the majority of the day.  Your spouse also uses the station to access the internet, email, ...  Your child uses the station for homework or games.  Chances are each of you is a different size.  Like the Three Bears, each of you will need to adjust the work surface to a height that is Just Right.  A Sit Stand Desk will accommodate the whole family.

Selecting a Sit Stand Desk

There are many Sit Stand Desks for sale.  Which one is right for you?  WorksInComfort has simplified your choice by narrowing the selection to a few excellent products.  These are not the cheapest Sit Stand Desks on the market, but they represent the best long term value.  Here are some key features that we considered when making our selection.  You should keep these points in mind when shopping for Sit Stand Desks.

  • Reliability - To get the maximum health benefit, you must adjust the height many times per day as you switch between sitting and standing.  You want a desk which will last for many years.  A cheap Sit Stand Desk is probably not up to these demands.  We only sell commercial grade desks from manufacturers that stand behind their product.
  • Electric height adjustment - You can find relatively cheap desks whose height is set with a manual crank or pneumatic adjustment.  We believe that you will not be happy with these.  WorksInComfort only offers bases with electric height adjustment. 
  • Height adjustment range - In 2013, BIFMA changed recommendations for height adjustability to range from 22” to 48”.  Not many current products meet this requirement, but our ISE Rise does.  For customers who do not need such a wide range, we offer two other bases.  Remember that smaller adults or children might really benefit from a setting as low as 22".  If you are tall or are considering using a treadmill underneath, then you might really want a high setting like 48".
  • Height memory - You want to simply and quickly switch between sitting and standing.  This requires a desk that remembers your preferred heights and adjusts to them with the touch of a button.  Our Sit Stand Desks either include a height memory or offer it as an option.
  • Speed of adjustment and noise levels should be considered because you will be making frequent height changes.
  • Lift capacity - Remember that work surfaces can be surprisingly heavy.  If you use multiple monitors or other heavy equipment on your work surface, you might need extra lift capacity.
  • Leg space - When sitting, your leg position is an important ergonomic consideration.  Some Sit Stand Desks have cross bars or stabilizer bars that interfere with your leg space. Ours do not. 
  • Keyboard systems - A fully ergonomic work station includes a keyboard system which adjusts the placement of your keyboard and mouse.  Some Sit Stand Desks have cross bars or stabilizer bars that interfere with the mounting of keyboard systems.  Ours do not.
  • Base Only option - You can upgrade your current work surface with height adjustability.  We offer our Height Adjustable Bases for purchase without any surface and can help you select the right base for your surface.
  • Work surface size - Some Height Adjustable Bases are calibrated for a specific size or weight of work surface.  Our bases are relatively flexible, especially the ISE bases.  This gives you the option of continuing to use the base with a future work surface.  

If you have questions or special requirements, please contact us at sales@worksincomfort.com or call 563 299 6939.

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