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Who we really are

Steve and Jonathan have been friends since junior high.  WorksInComfort is our first business together.  But we have done crazier things, both together and separately.  This page will show a few of the things that we have done for fun.

2010 Winemaking

Because of the 2008 economic slowdown, some great frozen grapes were still being offered in 2010 at an amazing price.  These Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were harvested and frozen on the same day in Napa Valley during the excellent 2007 year.  We could not resist the chance to make some wine.  We learned lots about winemaking from this adventure.  Notice that we have not chosen to start a winery.  Draw your own conclusions.

Steve pressing the grapes after fermentation


Jonathan pouring the pressed juice into glass carboys for aging


Jonathan's Vegetable Garden

I grow a huge vegetable at my home in Muscatine, Iowa.  I do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  Most of my vegetables are heirloom varieties.  I also save my own seed and trade it with other crazy gardeners.

Jonathan's garden on July 6, 2014


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